JEB Office Partitions – Integra and X-Series Transforming a Modern Office

Our JEB Integra and X-Series Partitions have done it again. The Hong Kong office of an American bank and brokerage firm has received an interior makeover with our office partitions. Their office now looks more stylish and agile than ever.

Aiding our Client in Aiding Theirs

The firm has planned to hold regular seminars in the office. They sought to provide up-to-date investment insights and tips on the American market to their clients. To uphold their prestige and create spaces comfortable enough for this purpose, they needed office partitions that can be sleek and acoustically functional.

Practical Office Makeover

JEB installed the Integra Partition system with the 90mm-wide glass finish for the conference rooms. This system is highly flexible and has remarkable acoustic performance.

As for the offices, the X-series double-glazed partitions were installed. This choice gave a sense of linear sleekness while ensuring the best acoustics. Natural lighting through the glass panels, combined with the geometrical aesthetics, embellished the office with an essential modern beauty.


With Integra and X-Series installed in our client’s office, the result was a makeover in practicality and style. We believe their upcoming seminars would be a great success with the best experience ensured for their clients.

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