Bringing Concepts to Reality through Ingenious Designs and Material Science

x series

The X-Series focuses on highlighting the glass component of a partition and minimizing the aluminium frames to create a lightweight and contemporary appearance while maximising acoustic performance


JEB’S INTEGRA OPERABLE WALL range has been designed to meet both a refined aesthetic and a stringent acoustic performance standard. Lower cost options are now available with only slightly reduced sound transmission


The PLUS System was designed with the aim of becoming the “best partition in the world”. Integrating art and function, the PLUS system creates a space that is ever more in line with individual sensitivities.


The Summit system has been designed around the revolutionary Summit sliding door. The system reflects a slim new elegance within JEB’s partition range.


The DIVIDE partition system by JEB has been developed with ease of relocation and flexibility in mind while maintaining a streamlined and contemporary look and feel. Panels come in an unlimited range of finishes and simply hook on to the load bearing structure.


‘Brooklyn’ takes inspiration from past generations while being tailored to today’s building requirements. Its contours and contrasting elements have been meticulously calculated to provide an industrial look and feel.


JEB offers a full set of standard hardware for our doors and frames. This includes handles, lock cases, cylinders, hinges, track/rollers, stoppers and drop seals.