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Affordable Durability and Beauty with the Summit Partition System

Getting a quality system from a reputable company doesn’t have to be expensive. Summit reflects the constant market challenges that drove the JEB team to develop a partition with a perfect balance of cost and performance.

Central to the Summit system is its single glazed, narrow-frame acoustic sliding door. Carefully designed in-house to offer maximum acoustic performance and reliability, the Summit system performs like no other and comes with ISO certified laboratory testing. Make a small investment that will pay off enormously for your clients with JEB International.

Partitioning with SUMMIT means the fastest, most hassle-free installations

The key to the system is a design with minimal extrusions and parts that provide superior building tolerance so even untrained contractors can achieve a high level of quality. The strength of this system is the speed and simplicity of the installation process, helping contractors achieve an exceptional standard of workmanship with minimal labour costs and time.

Summit is available in single or double glazed, offering you a range of energy efficiency levels and noise dampening. All of JEB’s doors can be used within the partition system, offering you the greatest choice when designing the work space.

Improve the usability of your next project with partition systems from JEB International

Consider the attractive Summit system for your next renovation, or browse JEB Partitions’ full range of products to find something that perfectly suits the existing décor and needs of the building.

Make an enquiry today and discover how our different lines can meet the needs of a diverse range of industries and any size and shape of building. Contact our Hong Kong head office today on +852 2520 2839 or via email at . See our contact page to find a local office in your country.


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