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The X-Series System – For The Ultimate in Customisability

Don’t be limited by your materials. The X-Series aluminium framed partition system is JEB International’s most versatile kit, with parts creating endless opportunities in design and performance. The JEB team assists designers and specifiers in using individual extrusions as building blocks, creating a system that is tailored exactly to the individual project requirements. Whatever the size, shape and intended application of the workplace, the JEB team working with X-Series can ensure that it’s as productive, adaptable and cost-effective as possible.

Flexible, durable and competitively priced partitioning with the X-Series

The X-Series can provide you with a simple yet elegant single glazed or double glazed partition that has one of the highest acoustic reports available worldwide. Increase the energy efficiency of the building and the privacy of each individual room with our help.

The X-Series is available in our range of high quality finishes to match any décor. Suitable to offices both large and small and able to complement any existing features the space has, these are an ideal choice for both new buildings and renovations. JEB International has a ready supply of this product stocked in Central Asia enabling quick lead times around the world.

Discover the range of partition systems from our company

Speak to the experts in modern office fit-outs today and discover how your next project could be completed smoother, faster and cheaper with help from JEB International. Whether you’re after the ease of installation of the Summit or are seeking something more complex, get in touch.

Contact our Hong Kong head office on or call us directly at +852 2520 2839. Reference our contact page to find your local office. With locations across four continents, it’s easy to get the supplies you need sooner instead of later.


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04.anodized_matt natural_Y001
05.powdercoat_matt natural_94153Y
07.powdercoat_silver grey_94077YJ
08.powdercoat_metallic silver_93853YJ

* The images and color representations shown here are subject to your monitor quality and screen resolution settings.