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JEB Partitions is a specialist in the latest architectural building and interior products, whether for public, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, educational or residential applications. JEB Partitions aims to create a new world of architectural products and services for the building industry.

JEB Partitions focuses on the design and supply of high quality, re-locatable and demountable partition systems, as well as the supply and installation of glass and acoustic operable walls, windows and door systems, architectural drains and aluminium louvers. JEB takes pride in offering aesthetic and acoustic performance, as well as design creativity and flexibility.


Bringing concepts to reality through ingenious designs and material science


The X-Series focuses on highlighting the glass component of a partition and minimizing the aluminum frames to create a lightweight and contemporary appearance while maximizing acoustic performance


The PLUS System is a partition unmatched by any other available in the world. Integrating art and function, the PLUS system enables spaces to be designed in ways previously unachievable, customised to any brief and enjoyed by every client.


INTEGRA meets both a refined aesthetic and a stringent acoustic performance standards, while maintaining cost effectiveness. Lower cost options are now available with only slightly reduced sound transmission


Featuring the revolutionary SUMMIT sliding door, the SUMMIT system is the slimmest, most elegant option within partition design


Developed to maximise flexibility while maintaining a streamlined and contempory look and feel, the DIVIDE partition system is easy to rearrange, simply hooking on a load bearing structure. Panels come in an unlimited range of finishes and can be hung in endless configurations


BROOKLYN evokes the charm of historic architecture through high contrast frames and subtle detailing, yet is tailored to fit into modern interiors. Achieve an industrial look and feel with this meticulously calculated design


Full sets of standard hardware are available for our doors, frames and partition systems

Office Partition Systems from A Respected Hong Kong Name

Create a beautiful space quickly, easily and affordably. Whether you’re a contractor, an architect, a designer or a manufacturer, JEB International can assist you by providing a full range of partition systems that suit any environment.

Available in glass and solid panels, our partition walls offer fantastic acoustic performance ensuring privacy and security in the workplace is maintained. Combined with the double-glazing option on our glass units, you can build a secure, energy efficient office. Provide your clients with the very best by sourcing high-quality materials from the experts at JEB.

A full range of frameless partition doors and office partition walls

With offices on four continents, we have an intimate understanding of how office needs differ between the UK and Cambodia. Our company knows that each client has different requirements and goals for their workspace, so we ensure that we offer an extensive selection of products that meet the most diverse range of needs possible.

The JEB range of single and double-glazed frameless partition doors complement our entire range, from the Integra to the simple-to-install Summit partition design. Discover how we can help your clients build a modern, attractive, and flexible office space at a competitive price.

Global leaders in office partition design

JEB International have more than 20 years of experience providing businesses around the world with the equipment they need to succeed. From our headquarters in Hong Kong we’ve spread to Europe, across Asia-Pacific and into Africa, meaning we’re one of the most globally-focused companies in the industry.

Make an enquiry today and find out how working closely with our team could benefit your customers. Get in touch with our headquarters in Hong Kong on +852 2520 2839 or send a message to hongkong@jebgroup.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. See our contact page to find a regional office near you.